Beard Vape Co.

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The Beard Vape Co boasts an internationally recognised logo, a celebrated range of juices and a base in the 'City of Angels'. So, it's somewhat surprising that this is a brand with humble beginnings and family values very much at its heart.

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The legend that is Beard Vape began with a modest shop in Culver City, a district of Los Angeles close to Santa Monica Beach. Brady, Casey and Colby Bates created a welcoming atmosphere in their vape shop and even provided food on Sundays for locals who wanted to vape while watching the football. The cool shop with a local bar atmosphere was named after the brothers' late grandmother, who had raised a smile wherever she went. Nana's Vape Shop became the place to hang out, but, after a period of great success, the business began to tread water. The Bates brothers decided to mix their own juices to improve their fortunes but these just had to be something that Nana would have been proud of!

The brothers had found a way forward but they needed a brand name. Once again they looked to their family and this time it was their father who proved to be the inspiration. He had once vowed not to cut his beard until his own father had recovered from a serious illness. A full recovery ensued but that beard never got cut and dad became affectionately known as "Beard". So the name was settled and all that the brand required now was some great flavours. The Bates created 100 numbered, experimental varieties which they taste tested at Nana's. Their customers' favourites became the new range and were launched bearing their original sample numbers. Beard e-liquids remain identified by numbers rather than names. Well, it worked for Chanel! The new juices were an instant hit and now the iconic Beard logo is synonymous with the highest quality vaping and flavours inspired by treasured childhood memories.