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Binary eliquid is blended in Southern California and is aimed at the high-end vaper, with a range of flavours designed with a high VG content to get the best results from sub-ohm and dripper tanks. It’s cutting edge website design, futuristic font and a bottle that comes with a luminous green finish makes Binary stand out from the crowd. The flavours of each eliquid tend to be a complex mixture of individual components, each with a top secret ingredient that's only known to Binary mixers. 

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For instance, Array blends raspberry, sour apple, kiwi, lemonade and an unknown flavour to create a sweet taste with a luxurious aroma. Siren is another delicious, fruity eliquid that brings together blue raspberry, grape and another one of Binary’s secret ingredients to give the sweetness a bite, resulting in a comfortable, all day vape. POW offers the intoxicating combination of pomegranate, watermelon and marshmallow, together with another mystery addition, to give you a sweet and rewarding vape that will keep you coming back for more. Virus, meanwhile, is a blend of mango and guava that you will simply love.Byte is a twist on another ejuice favourite: cereal. However, rather than opting for more generic flavours such as honey and milk, Binary has gone for fruit loops, berry extract and milk to create a unique result that is all their own.

Binary ensures the highest quality by producing its eliquid in an ISO and GMP-certified laboratory, which operates to the strictest standards. The Californian brand is an advocate of quality vaping and has leant its name to a number of serious mods for vapers, which are used to get the best possible vape through the simple theory of increased firepower. This commitment to quality, together with the high VG content of the eliquid itself, means that every time you load up your ecigarette with Binary juice, you know you’re in for a tasty vape of the highest order. So check out Binary’s vaping products today and get ready to taste the difference.