Charlie's Chalk Dust

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Legend has it that Charlie's Chalk Dust has been created from some long-forgotten recipes found in a diary from 1923. Charlie, a street food vendor in Orange County, California, was feeling disillusioned with life. Then, one day, he wrote how a mysterious stranger dropped a piece of paper from his coat pocket as he stopped for a chat. When Charlie bent down to pick it up, the stranger vanished, leaving the unique and tasty recipes written on the paper to gather dust for many decades. After Charlie's death, the story goes that a relative found the paper being used as a bookmark in his journal.

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Charlie had written that he wasn't sure what the recipes were, but he had no doubt that one day, a "mixologist of sorts" would "identify and master" the concoctions. Hence Charlie's Chalk Dust was born, the flavours being used to create an unusual selection of vape juice. The presentation of the vape juice is classy and sophisticated, with the bottle looking like it's been painted with a white, chalk-like paint to reflect on the brand. Even the plastic lid and dropper top have the same chalk-white finish. With the Charlie's Chalk Dust e-liquid at 60% VG and above, it produces a smooth vape with some unusual flavours too, all with a distinctly American feel. With names like Peanut Butter and Jesus, Trueberry Sugar and Knife, Slam Berry, Dream Cream and Head Bangin’ Boogie, you know you're in for a treat.

Peanut butter and jelly, pineapple pancake, blackberry and maple syrup, blueberry popsicle, strawberry ice cream, vanilla cream, fudge and cinnamon are among the awesome flavours of e-juice. Trueberry Sugar and Knife is described as having the flavour of a pineapple upside-down pancake with a blackberry maple drizzle, while Dream Cream has a rich vanilla flavour, with hints of fudge and cinnamon. Head Bangin’ Boogie is a light blueberry vape that's both sweet and cool. Slam Berry is described as having the taste of farm-fresh strawberries with homemade ice-cream. If you're looking for something a little bit different for your e-cigarette, Charlie's Chalk Dust could fit the bill.