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Cosmic Fog come all the way from Orange County, California and we’re sure you’ll agree they make some of the best e-liquids around. Robert Crossley and Brant Peto founded Cosmic Fog in 2013 with a single-minded vision to produce the highest quality, tastiest e-liquid on the market. There is no budget option - the cut-price end of the market isn’t for them - instead they've focused on creating a premium product that will win the heart, mind and e-cigarette of the serious vaper. Cosmic Fog go above and beyond in pursuit of the perfect vape, spending seven to 10 months perfecting each and every flavour that bears their name. The company has extensive culinary experience and obsesses over flavour combinations.  

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The founders themselves are vapers, switching over to a new product for weeks at a time. If a new flavour isn’t good enough for them, it certainly isn’t good enough for the customers. Flavours like Euphoria and the extravagant Milk & Honey, comprising toasted marshmallow, sweet honey and creamy milk, show the level to which Cosmic Fog is prepared to go to. The results speak for themselves; connoisseurs from around the world enjoy Cosmic Fog e-liquids and simply won’t settle for anything less. The Californian brand has consistently ranked at or near the top of any group test thanks to its slavish devotion to quality.

It is also determined to head off any concerns about the safety of vaping, too, and has retained a team of toxicologists to ensure that its liquids are as safe as they can possibly be. A new ISO8 facility means that every bottle is prepared and sealed in a cleanroom, too, so Cosmic Fog serves up the highest possible quality e-liquids for your consumption. Every drop of e-liquid is filtered five times, so you know the love and care that has gone into every smooth drag. Cosmic Fog has become a benchmark for research, development and sheer devotion. If you want to try an e-liquid that was made with love and care, give this one a go. You won't be disappointed.