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Cuttwood is proud of its nickname in the industry as the Sauce Boss and has maintained its focus on a small line of e-juice that combines luxurious flavours, rather than trying to produce every flavour under the sun. The brand borrows heavily from American biker culture, with a hint of the iconic whiskey brands in American culture, and you can see that in the logo and the section of the website that unashamedly visits advertising of years gone by with the ‘Girls of Cuttwood’. Heavily tattooed, vaping girls are a brave brand image in the modern age, but Cuttwood has embraced vaping’s counter culture side and gone for a clear brand message that has been well received by the American vaper. 

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In a bid to emphasise the high-tech aspect of the vape juice, the brand also sponsors a prototype racing car in the Tudor Sportscar Championship, which is one of the fastest racing series in America and includes the iconic Daytona 24 Hours. It has its own online TV channel, too, hosted on the website, which features news and events from the world of Cuttwood, and it is an active member of the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association in America. The association champions best practice, safe ingredients and a consistent set of standards for the industry. Cuttwood’s presence speaks volumes for its commitment to quality e-liquid, which it calls sauce. Established in 2014, the company has forged a reputation for its research, development and testing, which has resulted in innovative flavour combinations that include Boss Reserve, an unusual blend of honey cereal, banana, nut clusters and milk. Other flavours on the roster are Mega Melons, an alluring blend of melon, papaya, cantaloupe and mango. Cuttwood’s attitude comes across loud and clear in some of its other signature flavours, including the cereal and milk flavoured Bird Brains. Meanwhile, Unicorn Milk, an alluring blend of strawberries and cream, shows its softer side.  Cuttwood is an intriguing brand with a small, focused collection of e-liquids that are now making the jump across the Atlantic on to British soil. Give them a try in your electronic cigarette and we’re sure you will love this little taste of the American high life.