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Element e-liquids specialise in retaining the authenticity of American-made e-liquid, while adding a unique twist to give their loyal band of vapers an explosion of flavour. Formulated in Florida, a perfectionist's approach is essential for creating the unrivalled purity their e-liquids are known for. The company's passion for providing vapers with the ultimate experience drive Element to constantly review and revise their formula with the utmost care and attention.

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Their e-liquids are available in a wide range of exciting flavours, with at least one sure to satisfy every vaper. Sample a variety of fruit flavoured vapes, from strawberry to watermelon to tangerine, to the less conventional banana nut. Exotic flavours like key lime cookie and mojito are also available, for vapers who are seeking a taste sensation unlike anything they've ever experienced before. There's even a blend containing a high concentration of caffeine and guarana for vapers who want a quick pick-me-up!

A range of 125ml flasks have also been produced by Element to give customers a long lasting supply of their favourite e-liquid. These authentic scientific flasks are in-keeping with Element's quirky and refreshing periodic table-inspired branding, which goes beyond being a visually appealing design. All of the company's e-liquids are scientifically formulated to ensure their customers get the unique vaping experience Element has perfected. In combination with Element's use of premium ingredients from the most trusted names in the pharmaceutical industry, this ensures a consistent product of the highest quality.