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Quality, precision and exquisite design are the hallmarks of Glas, who make quality and consistent e-liquids for the vaping connoisseur. Their passion for innovation stems from the design team's vast experience of the mechanical, aeronautical and watchmaking industries: truly, this is a team with its sights set on perfection. Glas' e-liquids speak for themselves and the company are beginning to garner a loyal following in the UK, with customers more than willing to pay a little more for such supreme quality. 

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As you would expect from Glas, their exciting range of e-liquids is full of superior quality and distinctive flavours. Each one has been carefully developed with the best combinations of ingredients to create something truly unique. The exquisite design of the custom-made bottles, together with the elegance of the e-cigarette itself, will ensure that you make a style statement wherever you are. The entire range is made from 60% VG (vegetable glycerine), meaning you get great natural flavour, as well as lots of vapour produced. Here are our, and our customers', favourite current flavours from the Glas range.