King's Crown

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Hailing from Texas, USA, and headed by the lovely Pip (A.K.A Pip The Bunny), King's Crown was created by same team of mixologists behind the well-received and ever-popular Suicide Bunny e-liquid line. One would be hard-pressed to find a vaper that hasn't heard of Mother’s Milk - the legendary strawberry milkshake flavour that is an instant favourite by almost anybody who tries it.

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Not wanting to rest on their laurels after the remarkable success of Suicide Bunny, the Texan e-liquid company started work on their next line of juices and before long, King's Crown was born! The 4 e-liquids in the King's Crown range all have somewhat tongue-in-cheek names referencing how the team felt when creating their new line of e-liquids. Having come straight off the back of the success of Suicide Bunny, they wondered how could they now match it after setting the bar so high? 

But match it they did! The majestic King's Crown e-liquids are a unique gourmet set of juices, with multifaceted, complex flavour layers that will almost certainly delight all those who try it. All King's Crown e-liquids are mixed at VG/PG ratio of 70/30, the same sweet spot achieved with Suicide Bunny.