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Mystique: the name alone gives this e-liquid brand an enigmatic subtlety rarely found in a high octane, overcrowded market. Intentionally so, the Mystique Vapor line of e-liquids is curious and secretive with unique branding and few details released about flavourings and aromas. This is a handcrafted and intense e-liquid, one that defies description. Masterminded by the creators behind the high-quality Space Jam e-liquid range, we know that Mystique's excellence is not in doubt: the flavour complexities and innovative ingredients that come from this team are renowned. With the Mystique e-liquid range, however, this attention to detail has been heightened in the most inspired way imaginable. 

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The mystery begins as soon as you hold the Mystique box in your hands. The black package is stamped with gold Masonic symbols and the Great Seal of the pyramid, giving the product an instant air of secrecy and puzzlement. The delicate black bottle within is beautifully crafted, with a glass pipette dispenser for accessing your e-liquid. As for the elixir within, each Mystique Vapor e-juice contains a 50/50 mix of VG/PG, which creates the perfect balance of heady flavour and cloudy vapour.