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Since they were founded over three years ago, Nicoticket have become purveyors of award-winning, quality e-liquids. Their brand was built on a passion to make traditional cigarette smoking obsolete. Made in Omaha, Nebraska, the Nicoticket brand is built on holistic efforts, offering a total harm free solution to smoking.

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The e-cigarette community is growing worldwide and the makers at Nicoticket believe that we are all part of one big family. In fact, they would rather call you family than that dreaded other term: ‘customer’. They want everyone who buys their liquids to feel a sense of freedom, a sense that they are making the right decision in giving up cigarettes. Their branding can be seen in their unique e-liquid names that all offer sweet tastes of home. Flavours in the Nicoticket line include ‘Custard's Last Stand’, a classic blend of the dessert flavours we all know and love, vanilla and custard. If you’re feeling more adventurous there is the ‘Raz Cup’ e-liquid, a fluffy vanilla cake with a sweet raspberry glaze. For those who still like the taste of tobacco in their e-liquids try the aptly named ‘Virus’ with subtle hints of tobacco, vanilla & caramel. 

The family at Nicoticket like to play a part in supporting the ever expanding vaping community. Their vibrant forum-based recovery offers people support and advice to help them stay smoke free throughout their life. They want to see everyone succeed in the dream to be completely smoke free and work tirelessly to do this through their products. All of the Nicoticket products are crafted in the exact same way with attention to care and detail at their lab, which is American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) safe. The team at Nicoticket always test all of the products themselves using a three pronged approach, which tests throat hit, vapour production, and of course flavour. Nicoticket would never sell a product they wouldn’t sell to a member of their family, and like family they will support you through your nicotine free journey. Become one of the Nicoticket family today and enjoy a smoke free world!