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Based in the warm sunshine of California, the Ruthless Vapor company say they take pride in their e-juices, using only the very finest of ingredients, every single one of which is made in the USA. Renowned for their exciting range of vape juice flavours with a wallop, Ruthless promise you an e-liquid that knocks you off your feet and electrifies your tastebuds like no other on the market. 

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With the following flavours to choose from, you're sure never to run out of a variety of vape juices. How about Ez Duz It, the strawberry and watermelon flavour? Or for that extra cool, extra quirky twist, Ez Duz It On Ice (strawberry, watermelon and methol - truly cool!)?You could try grape soda flavour with the Grape Drank flavour, or why not sample a real taste of Jungle Fever which delivers a powerful mango, pineapple and citrus vape juice flavour? You really are spoilt for choice with Ruthless. If you fancy something a bit more left-field, then you really have to sample the following. Take your pick! Mandingo combines banana and cinnamon nut bread, while Menage A Trois rustles up a raspberry crème brulee cheesecake flavour. Slurricane is a tropical blend of peach, papaya and guava, while Rise is a gorgeous blend of lychee and mango.

So where does the inspiration come from for these eclectic and - some might say - eccentric offerings? The answer lies in the Ruthless e-juice juice makers coming from the field of the culinary arts. Consequently, their approach is unique and has resulted in some of the most unusual and popular vape juice flavours on the market right now. Indeed, the company has said its goal is to become a staple of the vaping community and considers itself a family. Every customer they meet they regard as part of this family.