Space Jam

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Founded in Orange County, California, in 2012, Space Jam focuses on hand crafted combinations of flavours that have complex make-ups, fruity signature flavours and unusual accents. The juices are far from cheap, but you can taste the quality and see the difference in the density of the vapour. The American firm has gone for clean and high-tech branding that is consistent with the sky high theme as a rocket bursts through the clouds. Inevitably it has embraced social media to spread its message and with the help of a vaping trick team, which produces stellar videos of vaping skills, and a Rebel Off-road competition sponsorship, Space Jam has built a healthy following.

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Space Jam has focused on creating a high-tech vaping experience, with flavours like Astro offering the taste of apples on the inhale, with strawberries taking over for the exhale. Galactica even offers strawberries on the inhale and Champagne on the exhale. Seriously. How do they do it? It’s a closely guarded secret! Space Jam has branched out into branded clothing and this could be the start of an empire. It is a high quality vape brand that is here to stay and the UK is happy to welcome this newcomer to our shores. So reach for the stars and try a Space Jam today - you can thank us for it later.