Suicide Bunny

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Suicide Bunny is a far cry from any other e-liquid company. When compared to thousands of other e-juice brands, the company’s iconic name, logo and best-selling flavours are right up there with the most distinctive and impressive. Suicide Bunny was born out of Pip Gresham's passion to go to any lengths to get her husband to quit smoking, as it was impacting many areas of both his and her life. However, Pip wasn't content with churning out your typical e-liquids; she used the vaping arena as a unique medium in which to creatively express herself.

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This led her to establish an iconic e-liquid brand, famed for its rigorous testing to ensure no product's quality is compromised. Suicide Bunny's branding is eye-catching and unique, reflecting the company's fresh approach to e-liquid creation. Evocative names like Mother's Milk and Sucker Punch make more than just the flavours memorable. Each bottle is adorned with a woman who means business; check out The O.B. e-juice label to see Marilyn Monroe like never before. In the background of all is Pip the Bunny, the white rabbit depicted constantly on the move much like her creator, who spends all hours crafting her e-liquids to perfection for the ultimate vaping experience.

With the company proudly hailing from Texas, Pip pledges to only use all-American flavours, and she does so with style: just try DeRailed, and savour the perfect union of fresh cookies and cinnamon banana, or Madrina, Pip's favourite flavour. With a heady mix of cream and juicy melon, it's not hard to see why. Mother's Milk is the company's most popular e-liquid, a twist on the traditional strawberry and custard dessert. For something completely different, Sucker Punch is exactly what you've been looking for. Pip added dragon fruit for a sensational, smack in the mouth flavour that pays tribute to her homeland. Suicide Bunny has established itself as one of the world’s most popular vape juice brands, and is a benchmark for those who appreciate quality with a hint of quirkiness. Give Suicide Bunny a try today and see for yourself.