The Cloud Company

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Owner of the enigmatic Suicide Bunny range Pip the Bunny has created an e-liquid that is aimed at the cloud chasing enthusiasts of the vaping world. The Cloud Company is a branch of the ever growing Suicide Bunny brand that also incorporates Kings Crown e-liquid. Pip is known for her quality e-liquids and has created a range that features the maximum amount of Vegetable Glycerine (VG) allowed as a base ingredient.

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The Cloud Company brand plays on its name, as each flavour of e-liquid features an angel with its own unique, cloud-inspired title, such as Sky or Billow. Their dreamy flavours include Arise, a twist on the delicious flavours of Strawberry & Custard. If you want to be taken even further into the clouds then try Sky, a blend of Lemon Cookie & Cream that provides the ultimate smooth vaping experience. Other appealing flavours in the Cloud Company range include Billow, a delectable flavour of Coconut Creme & Salted Caramel, and Revel, a breakfast blend of Berries, Cream, Citrus & Cereal. 

Pip the Bunny created the Cloud Company for those who like to chase the clouds. As the wife of an ex-smoker, she began her company in 2013 in Texas in a bid to get her husband to stub out the dreaded cigarettes for good. She did this by creating a brand of quality e-liquids that provide a smooth vaping experience. The Cloud Company is a special brand in that all of their flavours have the maximum amount of VG allowed in order to create the biggest smoke clouds around. The Cloud Company e-liquids are also able to handle vapers that are sensitive to Propylene Glycol (PG), as they have increased vaper production.

Like its sister brand, The Cloud Company's e-liquids are second to none when it comes to quality. All flavours have to go through a tough quality control process and testing before they are sold to the public, and anything that doesn’t pass doesn’t earn the Cloud label, meaning you can rest assured that each vape will be pleasant, smooth and safe.