Coils Guide



Choosing your coil 

What does 'ohms' or resistance mean?  

  • Resistance is a term that describes the forces that oppose the flow of electron current in a conductor. Resistance is measured in units called ohms. The scientific definition of one ohm is the amount of electrical resistance that exists in an electrical circuit when one amp of current is flowing with one volt being applied to the circuit. In relation to electronic cigarettes, the lower the ohm, the quicker the atomiser heats up. This translates to more vapour, but coils with very low resistances (0.2ohms - 1.0ohms) will require a battery with higher power (20w+).

Which coil do I need for my tank?

  • With a few exceptions, most tanks use proprietary coils. So search for your tank in our coil section and you should find the right one for your tank. 



Using your coil

How do I use a fresh coil for the first time?

  • When using a new coil, or using your tank for the first time, drop 2 or 3 drops of e-liquid directly onto the coil and then screw the coil into your tank and wait at least 5 minutes before firing your device. This is to ensure that the cotton wicks in your coil are completely saturated with e-liquid. If they are not completely saturated, you may end up burning dry cotton, which could ruin the coil. E-liquids with a higher VG percentage will often take longer to fully wick.

What is the life expectancy of a coil?

  • Atomiser refers to the atomiser head that is in all clearomisers and tanks. The atomiser head refers to the element, which is heated when the battery is activated and this is responsible for producing the vapour. Typically atomiser heads last for about 15ml of e-liquid. As they are very fragile they can stop working after a few days if they are used excessively or if the voltage is too high. Atomiser heads are referred to as disposable goods and are not meant to last longer than a few weeks. The majority of clearomisers/tanks we sell are replaceable units; this means that the only part that needs to be changed within the unit is the atomiser head.

How do I know if need to change my coil?

  • You can tell if the atomiser head needs to be replaced when there is a significant lack of vapour or if you get a burning almost smoky taste.



Why does my coil taste burnt?

  • The most likely reason why a coil tastes burnt is because the cotton in your coil isn’t sufficiently saturated with e-liquid. If you get a strong burning taste with a new coil, throw it out and use a new one. To avoid this happening, drip a few drops of e-liquid directly onto your fresh coil before installing in your tank. Also, when using a fresh coil, always wait about 5 minutes after closing your tank so that the e-liquid fully saturates into the cotton. If you get a burnt taste with a coil that you’ve been using for a while, try poking a needle into the juice holes/ports in the coil, to allow for better e-liquid flow into the coil.

Why can't I taste my e-liquid properly?

  • This is probably because your coil needs to be changed. If your e-liquid still doesn’t taste quite right after changing the coil, try a different e-liquid as your taste buds may have become very used to the flavour you’ve been vaping and in are in need of a change. This is a condition known as ‘Vapers Tongue.’ Alternatively, have a mint sweet or chewing gum to ‘reset’ your taste buds.